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​Here are some helpful tips and FAQ for visiting the Islamic Society of Norman:

1. Are non-Muslims allowed to visit the Mosque?
Yes, they are! The Mosque is open to all non-Muslims of all faiths and backgrounds. We look forward to meeting you.

2. Do I need to contact you ahead of time to visit the Mosque?
Yes, we want to make sure that there is a guide to host you on your visit and also that we can coordinate a convenient day and time for you to visit. This is especially important if you would like to observe our daily prayers, so we can let you know the times you can attend.

3. How should I dress for the Mosque?
We ask that all men and women dress in a modest manner. For men, it is recommended to wear pants that at least cover the knees. For women, it is recommended to wear pants or full length skirts or dresses. Women may wear a headscarf (Hijab) but this is not a requirement for entering the Mosque.

4. Will I have to remove my shoes?
Inside the Mosque, the place where the Muslims pray is carpeted and you will be required to remove your shoes. This is done for the cleanliness of the prayer areas. There are shoe racks near both the men’s and women’s prayer halls.

5. What are the prayer hall arrangements?
In our Mosque, men and women pray in separate prayer halls. When you come to observe a prayer, you will be observing the prayer in one of the respective prayer halls based on your gender. Thus, the entrance for the Men’s prayer hall is different than the women’s prayer hall.

6. What is Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer)?
Jumu’ah prayer is the special congregational prayer held every week on Friday afternoons. The Jumu’ah consists of a 30 minute sermon followed by the second prayer of the day. You are more than welcome to observe a Jumu’ah prayer!

7Do I need to know anything else?
Due to its approach to modesty in Islam, men and women do not shake hands with the opposite gender. Please do not be offended if someone of the opposite gender does not shake your hand as it is actually a sign of respect according to their perspective and teachings.

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